2018 20m Multi-Seat Nationals

Hosted by the Mifflin Soaring Association Mon May 14th – Tue May 22nd
(Practice Day Sun May 13th)

Mifflin County Airport (RVL), Reedsville, PA

Join us for the first 20m Multi-Seat National Championship!

Entry fee: $660. A $150 deposit (payable to “Mifflin Soaring Association”) is required with your application to hold an entry position. Entry fee includes 6 tows. Guest entries will be limited.

The preferential entry deadline is March 15, 2018 with the 2018 pilot ranking list used to select entrants in the event of over-subscription. This is also the date after which the rules allow for a “late” entry surcharge.

SSA Contest Page
2018 Competition Rules
2018 Rules Changes Summary

Summary of Rules:

  1. Multiseat glider, limited range handicap class with the upper limit being .905. Gliders above that may compete but without additional handicap benefit.
  2. Ballasted class with no adjustment for flying weight.
  3. Entries may be either:
    1. Single Pilot per (PIC who is flying with different people)  
    2. Multiplace team entry per (must be same two pilots throughout the contest)
  4. Two people must fly every day.  A single entrant may fly with different people.
  5. One pilot must be PIC every day and must meet all entry requirements.  This applies to both types of entries.

This is a great opportunity to bring your club’s two-seater and give some junior / new-to-cross-country pilots exposure to contest flying!

Either a glider mounted ELT (121.5 MHz or 406 MHz) or GPS tracking device (SPOT, Inreach etc.) is required. A PLB (personal locator beacon) is not a substitute for an ELT and/or SPOT. Both the SPOT and the recently devalued 121.5 MHz ELT system offer a chance for location of an incapacitated pilot, while the PLB does not.

FLARM is recommended but not required.  To rent a FLARM unit, contact Williams Soaring.

Tows are available at Mifflin prior to the contest for those interested in additional practice.

If you have not flown at Mifflin before, please read the Mifflin County Airport Glider Contest Briefing.

Another usual resource, the “Ridge Running” page was last updated November 17, 2011 (changes marked in yellow).

The Mifflin Turnpoint Database has been updated for 2018: Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange – Mifflin Control Points See Update History Notes for details.

You must complete your on-site registration before flying Sunday May 13. On-site registration (collection of balance of fees due, verification of registration paperwork, collection of signatures, pickup of registration packets) will be held:

  • Sat May 12th, 10am-2pm
  • Sun May 13th, 9am-1pm
  • Mon May 14th, 8-9 am

Social Activities at the Airport:

Sun May 13 Pre-Contest Dinner (complimentary)
Sun May 13 Mandatory Pilots’ Safety Meeting (following dinner)
Tue May 15 Dinner
Fri May 18 Famous Glick Fish Dinner
Sun May 20 Dinner

Contest Officials:

Contest Manager Janine Acee
Competition Director John Seymour
Scoring Rick Fuller
Weighing / Gate Jacquie Doherty
Operations Steve Glick / Fred Winter
Towing Brian Glick
Retrieve Office Becky Thompson
Meals Lisa Glick
Clubhouse-Camping-RV-Trailers Chris Groshel / Fred Winter


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