Turn Points

PLEASE NOTE: The Mifflin Turnpoint Database has been updated for 2017.

Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange – Mifflin Control Points

Full Update Notes:

  • Control points Evitts South, Quarry, The Wall, and Thompsontown added  
  • Non-control points Burnt Cabins, Crust, Drillmore, Dwight Yoder, Fox, Frymoyer, HiLine, Hilling, Jansen, Krout, Lincoln, Mapleton, Millers, Mills, Mtn Hideaway, Pine RidgeV, Plane View, Ragged Mtn, Schrenkel, ShangriLa, and Shirleysburg added.  
  • Barnhart, Bedford, Bendigo, Blair County, Bloomsburg, Carsonville, Clearfield, Crosswind, Cumberland Valley, Danville, Eagle Field, Egolf, Fairview, Finish, Five Lakes, Flying Eagle, Fox Hollow, Gilfert, Hackenburg, Hamilton, Hartman, Haunstein, Hinaman, Homan, Horst, Keystone GP, Lamberson, Lock Haven, Lost Acres, Masser, Mathna, McCardle, Memmi, Midstate, Mifflintown, Nisbet, Northumberland, Old Orchard, Pennfield, Penns Cave, Potomac, Raystown Dam, Raystown LF, Sauers Haven, Scheck, Schuylkill Co, Selingsgrove, Shippensbg, Shreveport N, Snook, Start A Mifflin, Stone Castle, Tallman West, Tall Pines, Turnpike Tunnels, Wagner, and Waltz moved.  
  • Hagerstown, Selingsgrove, and Tidmore moved and renamed.  
  • Cumberland renamed Cumberland Regional  
  • Albert, Ben’s Landing, Berwick, Buzzard’s Gap, Dee Jay, Dutch Country, Ecko Field, Fauser, Flying R, Gerstell Farms, Indian Lake, Neiderer, R 5801 Letterkenney, R 5803 Letterkenney, Sankey, Schadels, Sheepshead, Sutliff, The Old Commonwealth, Thomas, Vogelsong, and Wildcat removed.
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