Control Points

PLEASE NOTE: The current Mifflin Turnpoint Database is dated 30 Jan 2018.

Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange – Mifflin Control Points

Change History for the latest database update:

  • 31 Jan 18: AWOS sites removed. Cider and Frymoyer non-control landing points removed.   Carms, HiLine, Moran, Plane View, Poverty, Shulls, and Stone Castle changed from “A”irport to “L”anddable.
  • 30 Jan 18: Albert added.   Shippensburg and Tallman West removed.   Bermudian, Crosswind, Hartman, and Krumenacker moved slightly.
  • 11 Jan 18: Non-control point waypoints sorted by distance from Mifflin.


Maps required to cover the task area:

  • Sectionals: Detroit, New York, Washington
  • TPC’s: F-18C, F-19D, G21A
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