MSA Clubhouse


The preferred place for “ablutions” is the Clubhouse building, which has first-class restrooms with showers. There is a toilet in the Terminal building; another is located in the maintenance hangar, and this one includes a shower. Please be considerate of others who may wish to use these facilities. As there are no professional cleaning services, please do your best to keep things tidy (which should occasionally include cleaning up mess than you didn’t create).


Outlets for battery charging can be found in the Clubhouse (preferred) and the maintenance hangar.

You can’t drive for long in the Big Valley without encountering horse-drawn Amish buggies. Please be quite careful around these. They don’t move very fast – it may surprise you how quickly you come up on them. It is acceptable to cross a double-yellow line to pass one, but use great care – it takes a bit of experience to judge this when other traffic is approaching (which you may not be able to see well) and especially when you have a trailer in tow.

As most people know, the Amish do not like to be photographed. Please respect this.

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