Welcome to the Mifflin Soaring Association based at Mifflin County Airport in Reedsville, Pennsylvania!

We are not a conventional gliding club.  “Mifflin” is a gliding site run by volunteers from the central Pennsylvania area who host an annual contest in May and visitors throughout the year.

The unique features of the Appalachian ridges and Big Valley farm fields of central Pennsylvania make Mifflin a site that draws pilots with a range of soaring skill and experience from all over the world.  Thermal, ridge and wave flying are all possible, making this site a favorable contrast to other soaring locations.

Since 1990, Mifflin County Airport has been host to a growing number of individual pilots, soaring clubs and regional and national soaring competitions.  Rooted in a strong relationship with members of the Mifflin County Airport Authority and the local community, the Mifflin Soaring Association (MSA) was formed in 2010 as the culmination of these ongoing activities.

The Mifflin Soaring Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and increase understanding of the art and science of motorless flight.  Toward this end, it’s equipment and facilities are intended for educational and scientific use.

We welcome you to explore!


If you are interested in a local glider ride, visit our friends at Ridge Soaring Gliderport.

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